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Welcome to Koetter & Smith, Inc.

Partnering Today for a Greener Tomorrow™
What is the secret to the reliability, consistency, and quality of Koetter & Smith, lnc.’s renewable products? The answer is excellent sourcing, superior technology, and meticulous quality control.
Innovative Wood Waste Solutions™
We can design, construct and maintain your entire system. With the combined expertise of Koetter & Smith and our equipment suppliers, we can custom design, build, and install on-site reduction, filtration and conveying systems for most any need.
Environmentally Friendly Products, Solutions and Stewardship.
In Southern Indiana, within a breathtaking vista of rolling hills and neatly pruned vineyards, you’ll find Koetter & Smith, Inc. It’s a land rich in timber and other resources we use to create some of the finest renewables in the country.

Long before going green was a social responsibility, Koetter & Smith, Inc. understood that good stewardship of the land was both the right thing and the smart thing to do. Today, our production and conservation practices not only minimize harm, they actually help create a better environment for us all.

Equine Bedding
We sell only the best horse shaving bedding materials for your equines to sleep on. Horse shavings, bagged shavings, pellets and Tens are available!
Landscape Mulch
Our premium-quality mulch is a great way to beautify a wide variety of landscapes or playgrounds. Available in a range of colors and textures!
Boiler Fuels & Fuel Pellets
Cost-effective and energy efficient, our boiler fuels and pellets are an excellent choice whether you are an industrial user or home owner!

2010 Agribusiness of the Year Award
Whether you are looking for environmentally friendly products and services, or a value-maximizing by-product solution, Koetter & Smith, Inc. can help meet your needs!

Recognized as the best in our industry. Contact us today!
2010 Agribusiness of the Year Award

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